■  HEMOVENT ECMO: UNRIVALED MOBILITY. Every ECMO patient needs to be transported under severely restricted space conditions either within the hospital, from a referring clinic, or even from the field of an emergency incident. In the course of treatment patient mobilization is a critical success factor for ECMO. Hemovent’s ECMO system is designed to reduce the footprint of required technology by 90%.

■  HEMOVENT ECMO: UNEQUALED SIMPLICITY.  Expanding indications and new-user groups call for a reasonable practicability. ECMO is often used in an emergency situation. An easy operation secures treatment safety and outcome and has large impacts on time and effort of training and education. Hemovent’s ECMO system is designed to reduce complexity of operation by 90%.

■  HEMOVENT ECMO: UNPARALLELED PRICING.  With the rising numbers of ECMO applications, cost-effectiveness plays an important role for healthcare economics. Pandemias like the swine fly outbreak in 2009 create sudden peaks of ECMO demand while current systems are too costly to be kept in reserve. Hemovent’s ECMO system is designed to eliminate capital equipment and reduce costs by 50%.

■  HEMOVENT ECMO: UNIMPEDED REIMBURSEMENT. In Germany, ECMO reimbursement is already in place: OPS Code 8-852 Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) and Pre-ECMO Therapy.  Furthermore, there are 31 sub-categories 8-852-0 to 8-852-4 depending on the type and duration of ECMO. Hemovent’s ECMO system is designed to be reimbursable in initial markets.

■  HEMOVENT ECMO: COMPELLING EXIT OPPORTUNITIES. ECMO markets are growing rapidly, by 25 to 30 percent annually— despite outdated technology. Hemovent’s ECMO system is extremely robust, operates like a natural heart, weighs only about 1kg/2.2 lbs and needs neither battery nor software. Now, for the first time, ECMO can be deployed easily as a completely self-contained, portable and cost-effective life-saving technology for a fast-growing patient population. 

■SIGNIFICANT, GROWING CLINICAL NEED FOR ECMO. Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) is used to treat acute respiratory and circulatory failure—a condition that affects 12 million people worldwide each year. Recent advancements in the application of ECMO have led to impressive improvements in treatment results. As a result, clinicians are demanding an even earlier ECMO application and a broadening of the application.

​​​Based in Aachen, Germany, Hemovent GmbH is a privately held medical technology company that is developing a portable ECMO (Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation) unit. 

Hemovent GmbH was founded by serial entrepreneur, Christof Lenz and Dr. Oliver Marseille, inventors of the company’s proprietary platform. It is the goal of the company to develop an innovative solution, with precision and craftsmanship, that will aide patients with lung and heart function while allowing them to be mobile. 

Hemovent GmbH At-A-Glance 
Headquarters: Aachen, Germany
Website: www.hemovent.com
Ownership: Privately held
Funding: $6 million Series A round

 to obtain CE mark and  achieve pilot sales
Industry: Medical Devices
Sector: ECMO

(Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation)
Proprietary Technology: Smart Energy-harvesting: integration of pulsatile blood pump with a technology oxygenator for single source of gas for pumping and oxygenation
Product: World’s smallest and first self-contained fully portable system designed for both Heart and Lung (ECMO) support
Market: $5+ billion w/w to treat acute respiratory/circulatory failure